150 University Student have Attended Industrial Training

April 4, 2020

150 University studends have attended the industrial training coordinated by Resilience Academy team. These student are coming from the University partners of Resilience Academy which are University of Dar es Salaam, The State University of Zanzibar as well as the Ardhi University. 150 students are divided in distribution from each University 50 students each.

The University of Dar es Salaam have combined 50 students to conduct only one Industrial Training in Dar es Salaam and The State University of Zanzibar have conducted the industrial training in Zanzibar. The industrial training have been along side the training of different skills to students to equip the students with skills and knowledges to be used during the industrial training. The Industrial Training is giving University Students with skills as well the practical experiences of using the open source, mobile phones and other cheap tools to conduct data collections.

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